What was it like to grow up in Nepal?

1. Developing country – most people see it as a poor country, but I see it from a very different lens, through family, people, relationships
2. People don’t have a lot of quiet time. Most of the time is spent with family, social circle, going to this and that’s wedding, pasni, bartaman, etc.
3. Nepal to me is the mountains, the red rhododendrons, something sacred, beautiful but almost something like a goddess, more than just beautiful, with an inner power that’s smiling at you, something that’s mine, like a family member
4. Nepal to me is families, those afternoons spent with grand parents, when visitors mostly other older ladies like relatives or friends of your grandma visit and we have tea, listen to their chatter, sit in the terrance, take a nap while they chat away. That to me is nepal

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